Creating a Strong Foundation

I know what it is to worry about your children and their future. Every child deserves the best education we can give them for a successful and healthy life. We must reverse damaging budget cuts to education and get more funding for our teachers and public schools.

Building a Healthy economy

We live in a naturally beautiful area. We have a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant arts community. We have a strong agricultural heritage. These are valuable assets for our future economic development. Let's build from our strengths.

Planning for the Future

I know what it means to worry about affordable healthcare. I know what it means to worry about pensions you have worked and paid in to for a lifetime. My husband is a retired teacher. Pensions are a trust and we must not break that trust. Pensions for our teachers and public workers must be protected.

Strong Communities

Let’s make our families, communities, and state strong together. I will work for addiction prevention and more effective treatment options to get people back to work. I support a living wage, will help create good jobs, and will protect working families. Every one should have a fair shot in life. Let’s make it happen together.


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